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Mastersteel Winter Tyres

The Mastersteel winter tyres are designed in the same way as the hi-tech summer tyres of Mastersteel. Even at extremely low temperatures, the special rubber compound with silica ensures that Mastersteel winter tyres remain flexible. The well thought-out tread design with many diagonal grooves and sipes ensures quick dispersion of snow and water.
This way, the tyre retains maximum grip and the chance of aquaplaning is reduced considerably. The length of the braking distance on snowy or wet surfaces can be of vital importance. Mastersteel winter tyres ensure more grip and control on a snowy or wet surface. A safe feeling.

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The Mastersteel Winter Van + is a winter tyre specially designed for light commercials vehicles.  The central longitudinal groove and the 2 zigzag longitudinal grooves make for added grip on snow and ice, while also ensuring the rapid dispersion of water.  The coarse rubber surface (3D technology) creates extra grip. This results in a shorter Brakingdistance over standard tyres, increasing the safety of the driver and cargo!  The beautiful shoulder pattern can not only reduce wind resistance, but also dissipate heat. 
mastersteel mastersteel-winter-van-plus
Tyre size XL LI SI
65 Series              
195 / 65 R16 104 T E C 2 73
205 / 65 R16 107 T E C 2 73
215 / 65 R16 109 T E C 2 73
235 / 65 R16 115 S E C 2 73
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