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Mastersteel All-season tyres (also known as 4-season tyre or all-weather) are a thoughtful mix between summer and winter tyres. The rubber of all-season tyres is harder than that of a winter tyre but once again softer than that of the summer tyre. Because of the special rubber compound and profile all-season tyres perform excellent in summer and winter. The stopping distance of an all-season tyre in winter is shorter than that of a summer tyre. In the Netherlands, with usually mild winters an all-season tyre is a decent alternative for the winter tyre but, however, an all-season tyre is not a full replacement for the winter tyre.
Winter tyres have unique characteristics for maximum performance in winter conditions. The All-season tyre is a combination of summer and winter, and therefore a combination of specific properties. The level of performance is always a compromise between the essential summer or winter tyre properties. In Germany and most other European countries, All-season tires are also permitted in the winter, but must then have the 3-PMSF certification. (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol). This classifies the tire as a fully-fledged winter tire. Only the M + S symbol is not sufficient under winter conditions. The minimum tread depth in winter is 4 mm.

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The Mastersteel All Weather Van is a technically advanced product. The unique tread design lets the tyre excels in all seasons.  The unique dual compound tread ensures excellent grip in all conditions.  The tyre has the three peak mountain snowflake symbol, which qualifies it as an official winter tyre.  The special micro-grooves in the central area increase road contact, which ensures an excellent grip.
mastersteel mastersteel-all-weather-van
Tyre size XL LI SI
75 Series              
195 / 75 R16 107 R C C 2 72
205 / 75 R16 110 T C C 2 72
70 Series              
195 / 70 R15 104 R C C 2 72
215 / 70 R15
225 / 70 R15 112 S C C 2 72
65 Series              
195 / 65 R16 104 R C C 2 72
205 / 65 R16 107 T C C 2 72
215 / 65 R16 109 T C C 2 72
225 / 65 R16 112 S C C 2 72
235 / 65 R16 115 R C C 2 72
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