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Mastersteel offers a balanced range of types and sizes of both passenger car tyres and lighttruck tyres…

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Mastersteel tyres, a wide choice!

The Mastersteel Clubsport is an ideal tyre for the smalller family car. With the Clubsports special profile design you are assured of optimum roadholding and a shortened stopping distance. The four wide longitudinal grooves ensure good water and dirt dispersion. The Mastersteel Clubsport guarantees excellent performance on dry as well as wet road surfaces.

The Mastersteel Prosport is a tyre designed specifically for the larger medium-range. The four longitudinal grooves with cleverly placed width grooves ensures that the driving performance, even in extreme weather conditions are maintained. Even when driving at higher speeds the Mastersteel Prosport continues to perform reliable.

For the more spacious middle range and luxury cars in the top segment Mastersteel has developed the Mastersteel Supersport. With this high performance tyre you have the power and speed under control. The Mastersteel Supersport ensures optimal driving comfort on winding roads and a maximum grip on wet road surfaces.

Reliable and predictable driving behavior

Mastersteel tyres offers a balanced range of types and sizes of both passenger car tyres and lighttruck tyres. When looking for reliable quality tyres for a competitive price, then Mastersteel tyres is a good alternative.

The special rubber compound and tread construction helps Mastersteel tyres perform during extreme weather conditions. In wet conditions or sudden evasive maneuvers Mastersteel tyres prove their quality every time.

If you are looking for excellent handling, reliable and predictable driving behavior, then Mastersteel is the tyre for you.

Mastersteel, unbeatable in performance!

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